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From "Charles Matthew Chen" <>
Subject Re: Sanselan 0.93 Release Vote
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 23:03:24 GMT
Hi Jeremias,

   Thanks for the valuable notes.  I've generated a new version
(0.94), available here:

 * I've used the prefix: apache-sanselan-incubating.
 * I've added an incubating disclaimer to the README file.
 * I've consolidated the "temp" and "tmp" folders.
 * That DynamicImport is indeed unnecessary; I've removed it.
 * I've fixed the Bundle-Description and Bundle-DocURL properties of
the manifest.
 * I've modified the pom.xml to use custom assembly descriptors that
I've checked in under src/assemble.  I've used them to a) remove the
.bz2-compressed files. b) add the KEYS file to the bin distribution.

   I also figured out how to include the javadocs in the binary
release, but only after I made the release.  If its all the same,
let's include them in future releases.

> Doesn't the vote need to be on the main incubator mailing list?

   I'm not sure, but I'm looking at:

The conventional process is for the podling to follow the usual Apache
process (including TODO: link release vote) and then call for a
Incubator PMC VOTE on the TODO: link general incubator list.

   To my eyes, that seems to suggest that the PMC vote takes place on
the general incubator list, but that follows a vote by committers on
the project's mailing list.

   The main Apache voting guidelines have nothing to suggest otherwise either:

Thanks again,

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 8:44 PM, Jeremias Maerki <> wrote:
> I feel bad I haven't had more time to be active here. Shame on me that
> only a release is forcing me to look into this. At some point I have to
> bring the ImageIO wrappers I've once started to a useful state. Sigh.
> I'm impressed by Charles' energy here. Nice work!
> I hope you don't mind my listing a few points I noted down while looking
> into the artifacts (some are just nits):
> - Wow, my first Maven build that run through completely the first time! ;-)
> - I think the artifacts should be named "apache-sanselan-incubating".
> - The incubating disclaimer is missing:
> - There is a "tmp" and "temp" directory in the source distribution.
> - Why does Sanselan do a "DynamicImport" on edu.stanford.ejalbert,net.n3.nanoxml,
> - Some of the Bundle properties in the manifest don't look quite right,
> yet: Bundle-Description, Bundle-DocURL
> - Javadocs in the binary dist would be nice.
> - KEYS should probably also be included in the binary dist.
> Otherwise, the artifacts look pretty good to me. Doesn't the vote need
> to be on the main incubator
> On 19.07.2008 21:16:42 Charles Matthew Chen wrote:
>> Hello there,
>>   I've reorganized the proposed 0.93 release of Sanselan following
>> Craig's suggestions.  Let's put this release to a vote.
>>   The proposed release can be found here:
>>   Here's a summary of the reorganization that I've just done:
>>  * I've reorganized the folder structure so that it exactly matches
>> what would be copied to
>>  * I've renamed the folders and files to conform with Apache customs.
>> ie. the I renamed the -project files to -src.  I also removed the
>> -incubator suffix from the files.
>>  * I've removed the extra checksum files generated by Maven.
>>  * Maven generated both a -bin distribution as well as a plain .jar.
>> I've removed the plain jar.
>>  * I've removed the bz2-compressed distributions generated by Maven.
>>    Also, I've attached the RAT output for the bin and src releases.
>> RAT seems a little wary of the .txt and text-like (ie. .ppm) files in
>> the source distribution.
>>    Apache's "A Guide To Release Management During Incubation" (DRAFT)
>> has a checklist:
>>   I believe everything on that checklist is good to go.
>>   For the record, here's a couple more relevant links on release voting:
>> Charles.
>> On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 6:43 PM, Craig L Russell <> wrote:
>> > Hi Charles,
>> >
>> > I'd say it's ready for a vote, following the incubator guides for releases.
>> >
>> > It would be good to post the results of the RAT run or include it as an
>> > attachment to the vote message.
>> >
>> > Also take a look at the layout of the directory under dist. If the idea is
>> > to copy your dist to, you would have a directory
>> > incubator/sanselan into which you would copy the 0.93 directory.
>> >
>> > And there are lots of extra .md5 and .sha1 files (there's no need to
>> > checksum signatures) that are probably the result of the maven plugin being
>> > overly aggressive. They can be removed before, during, or after the voting
>> > starts.
>> >
>> > Most Apache distributions consist of .zip and .tar.gz with the associated
>> > checksums and signatures. You might want to explain why you feel the bz2
>> > format is needed.
>> >
>> > Craig
>> >
>> > On Jul 19, 2008, at 1:44 AM, Charles Matthew Chen wrote:
>> >
>> >>  What's the next step in the release process - is the proposed
>> >> release ready to be voted on?  It is here:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Thanks,
>> >>  Charles.
>> >>
>> >>
> Jeremias Maerki

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