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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Sanselan 0.93 Release Vote
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 00:43:25 GMT
Just a few more comments on the release process.

Different projects have different processes for naming and branching,  
tagging, and releasing. For example, if your naming scheme is  
major.minor.update, you can start with a 0.93 (no updates before  
release 1.0).

In trunk, build 0.93-SNAPSHOT. When you want to release, create a  
releases/0.93 with svn: svn copy trunk releases/0.93. Then change the  
trunk to build 0.94-SNAPSHOT and change the releases/0.93 to build  
0.93. Iterate on the release until the vote is successful. Then tag  
the release via svn: svn move releases/0.93 tags/0.93. By convention  
(sanselan convention) tags are read-only.

If it is decided to maintain multiple code lines after release, the  
process can get a bit more involved. For example, trunk gets the  
latest code (pom says 1.1-SNAPSHOT) while a maintenance branch/1.0.x  
gets maintenance (pom says 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT). The release is frozen at  
tags/1.0 (pom says 1.0). Then to create a release 1.1, start by  
copying trunk to releases/1.2. To create a maintenance release 1.0.1,  
start by copying branches/1.0.x to branches/1.0.1. The final step in  
release is to move the branches/xxx to tags/xxx.


On Jul 22, 2008, at 4:03 PM, Charles Matthew Chen wrote:

> Hi Jeremias,
>   Thanks for the valuable notes.  I've generated a new version
> (0.94), available here:
> * I've used the prefix: apache-sanselan-incubating.
> * I've added an incubating disclaimer to the README file.
> * I've consolidated the "temp" and "tmp" folders.
> * That DynamicImport is indeed unnecessary; I've removed it.
> * I've fixed the Bundle-Description and Bundle-DocURL properties of
> the manifest.
> * I've modified the pom.xml to use custom assembly descriptors that
> I've checked in under src/assemble.  I've used them to a) remove the
> .bz2-compressed files. b) add the KEYS file to the bin distribution.
>   I also figured out how to include the javadocs in the binary
> release, but only after I made the release.  If its all the same,
> let's include them in future releases.
>> Doesn't the vote need to be on the main incubator mailing list?
>   I'm not sure, but I'm looking at:
> """
> The conventional process is for the podling to follow the usual Apache
> process (including TODO: link release vote) and then call for a
> Incubator PMC VOTE on the TODO: link general incubator list.
> """
> from
>   To my eyes, that seems to suggest that the PMC vote takes place on
> the general incubator list, but that follows a vote by committers on
> the project's mailing list.
>   The main Apache voting guidelines have nothing to suggest  
> otherwise either:
> Thanks again,
>   Charles
> On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 8:44 PM, Jeremias Maerki < 
> > wrote:
>> I feel bad I haven't had more time to be active here. Shame on me  
>> that
>> only a release is forcing me to look into this. At some point I  
>> have to
>> bring the ImageIO wrappers I've once started to a useful state. Sigh.
>> I'm impressed by Charles' energy here. Nice work!
>> I hope you don't mind my listing a few points I noted down while  
>> looking
>> into the artifacts (some are just nits):
>> - Wow, my first Maven build that run through completely the first  
>> time! ;-)
>> - I think the artifacts should be named "apache-sanselan- 
>> incubating".
>> - The incubating disclaimer is missing:
>> - There is a "tmp" and "temp" directory in the source distribution.
>> - Why does Sanselan do a "DynamicImport" on  
>> edu.stanford.ejalbert,net.n3.nanoxml,
>> - Some of the Bundle properties in the manifest don't look quite  
>> right,
>> yet: Bundle-Description, Bundle-DocURL
>> - Javadocs in the binary dist would be nice.
>> - KEYS should probably also be included in the binary dist.
>> Otherwise, the artifacts look pretty good to me. Doesn't the vote  
>> need
>> to be on the main incubator
>> On 19.07.2008 21:16:42 Charles Matthew Chen wrote:
>>> Hello there,
>>>  I've reorganized the proposed 0.93 release of Sanselan following
>>> Craig's suggestions.  Let's put this release to a vote.
>>>  The proposed release can be found here:
>>>  Here's a summary of the reorganization that I've just done:
>>> * I've reorganized the folder structure so that it exactly matches
>>> what would be copied to
>>> * I've renamed the folders and files to conform with Apache customs.
>>> ie. the I renamed the -project files to -src.  I also removed the
>>> -incubator suffix from the files.
>>> * I've removed the extra checksum files generated by Maven.
>>> * Maven generated both a -bin distribution as well as a plain .jar.
>>> I've removed the plain jar.
>>> * I've removed the bz2-compressed distributions generated by Maven.
>>>   Also, I've attached the RAT output for the bin and src releases.
>>> RAT seems a little wary of the .txt and text-like (ie. .ppm) files  
>>> in
>>> the source distribution.
>>>   Apache's "A Guide To Release Management During Incubation" (DRAFT)
>>> has a checklist:
>>>  I believe everything on that checklist is good to go.
>>>  For the record, here's a couple more relevant links on release  
>>> voting:
>>> Charles.
>>> On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 6:43 PM, Craig L Russell < 
>>> > wrote:
>>>> Hi Charles,
>>>> I'd say it's ready for a vote, following the incubator guides for  
>>>> releases.
>>>> It would be good to post the results of the RAT run or include it  
>>>> as an
>>>> attachment to the vote message.
>>>> Also take a look at the layout of the directory under dist. If  
>>>> the idea is
>>>> to copy your dist to, you would have a  
>>>> directory
>>>> incubator/sanselan into which you would copy the 0.93 directory.
>>>> And there are lots of extra .md5 and .sha1 files (there's no need  
>>>> to
>>>> checksum signatures) that are probably the result of the maven  
>>>> plugin being
>>>> overly aggressive. They can be removed before, during, or after  
>>>> the voting
>>>> starts.
>>>> Most Apache distributions consist of .zip and .tar.gz with the  
>>>> associated
>>>> checksums and signatures. You might want to explain why you feel  
>>>> the bz2
>>>> format is needed.
>>>> Craig
>>>> On Jul 19, 2008, at 1:44 AM, Charles Matthew Chen wrote:
>>>>> What's the next step in the release process - is the proposed
>>>>> release ready to be voted on?  It is here:
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Charles.
>> Jeremias Maerki

Craig L Russell
Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System
408 276-5638
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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