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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: New non-Apache Sanselan release
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2008 17:48:51 GMT

as we are using maven to build sanselan, we get this for free; the only 
extra work we have to do later on is to put the maven artifact (the jar 
and the pom) into the maven repository (but that's fairly simple).

For the download distribution I don't think we should add the wiki docs 
itself as this might give us some legal headaches right now - everyone 
who wrote something on the wiki needs to have a signed CLA on file *if* 
we include this in our releases. I think a link to the wiki is enough - 
at least for a first step.


Craig L Russell wrote:
> Hi Charles,
> On Jan 24, 2008, at 9:32 PM, Charles Matthew Chen wrote:
>> Hi Craig,
>>   I'm not really familiar with that option.  Can you elaborate or
>> perhaps share a url?
> is the starting point for information. I've been 
> using maven for a while now and it's very popular among open source 
> projects. In order to use sanselan in a project, all you need to do is 
> to include a few lines of code in an xml file and you're done. Maven 
> will download the jar file and include it in your build and run 
> environments.
> For example, to use sanselan in another project, you'd declare this in 
> your configuration file:
>         <dependency>
>             <groupId>org.apache.sanselan</groupId>
>             <artifactId>sanselan</artifactId>
>             <version>1.0.0-SNAPSHOT</version>
>         </dependency>
>>   What trade-offs do we face in this decision?
> It's just a bit more work setting up the publication of the jar file in 
> the maven repository. All the usual due diligence is still required to 
> prepare the jar file for publication.

Carsten Ziegeler

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