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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: Questions
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2007 16:17:53 GMT
Currently, there is one test case failing. I added some initial
configuration for building the release artifacts.


Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Charles Matthew Chen wrote:
>>    Can anyone help me build our first binary and source distributions?
>>  I think its fairly clear what we want in each distribution.
>> Binary:
>> .jar of the core classes.
>> javadocs
>> license info etc.
>> Source:
>> source of all of the classes (including unit tests, example code, etc.)
>> javadocs
>> license info etc.
>>    I need help with two things:
>>    First, there's a number of details mentioned in
>> that I don't
>> understand.  For example, "Check that LICENSE and NOTICE documents
>> contain required sections."  I'm also unclear on how signing should
>> work.
>>    Secondly, how exactly do we go about releasing these builds?  ie.
>> do we build locally and upload?  To what server & where?  Or are
>> release builds generated by an automated build system?
> We can use maven to build the distribution, maven is also able to
> directly sign the release etc. I think we need some additional
> information in our pom for this (I have to look at the maven docs for this).
> The release should be signed, so people can download the release and
> verify the signature.
> Now, for the process, this is actually a two step process. First, the
> release is cut which means the corresponding artifacts are created and
> signed and then put up somewhere (usually projects use
> for such things) so others can download it and verify if everything is
> correct. Then a vote has to take place on these uploaded binaries and if
> the vote is successful, these binaries become the official release and
> the release is put on the Apache download server. If something is wrong
> with the artifacts, they're simply deleted, the problems will be fixed
> and the process is repeated - with a different version number!
> All of this is a manual process.
> The LICENSE file should list all used licences throughout the artifact,
> so in our case this is just the Apache license. The NOTICE files
> contains references to used projects and lists the origin of the used
> parts. As we are not using other libraries, again this list only Apache.
> We have to take care that these files will end up in the distributed
> artifacts as well.
> So I think the first step is to get maven build the distributions. I can
> help with this next week.
> Carsten

Carsten Ziegeler

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