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From "Charles Matthew Chen" <>
Subject Re: Sanselan
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2007 23:43:25 GMT
Hi Marc,

   Thanks for your interest in the project.  Unfortunately, it sounds
like your needs fall outside the scope of Sanselan.

   If I understand you correctly, you need to render an HTML page as
an image and possibly to write this image to an image format.

   The first need - to render an HTML page - is not easy.  A simple
hack would be to use a JEditorPane:

   You could then render this JEditorPane into an image, ie. by using

   JEditorPane is fairly limited, so you'll probably want to look to
an alternative:

   Once you've rendered the image, you can use Sanselan to write this
image to a variety of file formats.  See the Sample Usage section of
our documentation for an example.


On Nov 15, 2007 11:35 AM, Marc Jones <> wrote:
> Charles,
> I found your project today, and I must say it greatly simplifies the
> seemingly complex world of image manipulation.  I was hoping you could
> help me with an issue I am trying to resolve.  I have successfully
> implemented your library to render an image based on an InputStream of
> a remote image (based on a url).  However, my goal is to actually
> render a web site page as an image.  Using the URL class, I can get an
> InputStream, but obviously it is not an image InputStream.  I was
> curious if you know how I could your library to render an image of a
> web page?
> Thanks!
> Marc

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