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From Giacomo Fiorini <>
Subject S4 and scalability problem
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 09:43:25 GMT
i was testing my s4 application on a cluster of aws instances and i encountered a problem
when trying different configurations with different number of nodes.
I use one node to produce events reading from an input file, this adapter node sends events
to a second cluster that processes them.
I run a test setting Sender, RemoteSender and StreamExecutor in blocking mode (with a custom
module and -emc option when deploying both the adapter and the application)
Changing the number of processing nodes in the cluster and measuring the events/s sent from
the adapter produced these results:
-1 node: 3500 Events/s
-2 nodes: 8600 Events/s
-3 nodes: 9300 Events/s
The 3 node configuration doesn' t seem to perform well as it should; im sure it is not an
adapter problem because i tried to add another adapter node and the total number of events/s
sent from both is the same as with one adapter only.
Plus i've tried setting LoadShedding policy as default sending at a much higher rate (20000
ev/s) and i measured that the Kb/s sent from the adapter are roughly the double of the blocking
I also tried to increase s4.sender.parallelism and s4.remoteSender.parallelism in the ./deploy
command but it hasn't solved my problem.
Is there something else i should try?

Giacomo Fiorini

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