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From Jiaan Zeng <>
Subject how to set s4.metrics.config
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2013 14:01:42 GMT

I wonder how to set the metrics parameter, i.e. s4.metrics.config,
correctly. What I did is to specify
-p=s4.metrics.config=csv:/path/to/directory:10:SECONDS while deploying
the s4r archive to zookeeper. There are several problems here.

1) The csv option is not used. Metrics output is dumped to console.
org.apache.s4.core.util.S4Metrics uses following pattern which means
group 1 on this pattern is always "csv:sth" or "console".


In the init() function,  statement "String group1 =;"
always returns "csv:/path/to/directory". That means following
statement "if ("csv".equals(group1))" is false.

2) How do I specify different csv files for different node since the
output path is set in application level? The way I set this parameter
make all the nodes use the same path stored in zookeeper.



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