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About Metrics library
If use this, in s4 whether application class code should add Gauge code, but if tracing PE instances(queue size, or time consuming), how inject Gauge into PE element, seems a bit complex and messy to write Gauge code.

If you have issues with the metrics library, I'd recommend to ask for help on the metrics user list.

About S4Metrics
S4Metrics is a good class which can trace the stream queue size or time etc.
But donít know how to use it in S4 application, can you instruct link to describe, another, s4.metrics.config I can not find, which specify the content format, does it have other functions and how to use it.

just pass s4.metrics.config as a "-p" parameter when deploying the app. For instance:

./s4 deploy -s4r=http://$LOCALHOST:8080/test-apps/twitter-counter/build/libs/counterArchive.s4r -c=cluster1 -appName=twitter-counter -p=s4.metrics.config=console:10:SECONDS

The format for s4.metrics.config is explained here: http://incubator.apache.org/s4/doc/0.6.0/metrics/

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Not sure I understand the question. We use an external library for adding metrics to various parts of the platform. But you have to define explicitly what you measure, by inserting the corresponding metrics hooks.
In S4 we tried to factor metrics management in an S4Metrics class, but that is mostly for clarity.
See the library documentation here http://metrics.codahale.com/ for more info on how to use the same library, though there are others.
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If using Metrics in project, not affect source code, I am ready to use inject event into s4, how to do it,
Can you give some examples,but the Metrics links is still not clear.
Thanks first