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From Davide Simoncelli <>
Subject RE: Adapters and S4 cluster
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 07:18:47 GMT
On Monday, June 11, 2012 06:23:13 PM Matthieu Morel wrote:

> That looks like a key mismatch, you should check key/stream/events specifications are
consistent. That could explain the event being received but not redispatched to any PE.

My configuration for the PE entry point looks like this:

<bean id="cdrCatcher" class="test.s4.EntryPointPE">

<property name="dispatcher" ref="dispatcher"/>

<property name="keys">


<value>RawEvents id</value>




And here is the partition config:

<bean id="rawEventsPartitioner" class="io.s4.dispatcher.partitioner.DefaultPartitioner">

<property name="streamNames">





<property name="hashKey">





<property name="hasher" ref="hasher" />

<property name="debug" value="true" />


All events on RawEvents stream should be routed to one of EntryPointPE instances depending
on the value of the key. Is there something wrong?

> I assume you are using S4 0.3, have you tried the following:

I'm using version 0.3 and I tried that.

I see that bytesFromEventWrapper method implementation in GenericJsonClientStub class doesn't
serialize the 'keys' field. Then how can the adapter dispatch events depending on keys to
EntryPointPE instances?

Is that ok?

> Otherwise, you may want to follow the design pattern where keyless events are received
as input, and where keyless PEs are used to partition the input stream:

> Note that to achieve that with S4 piper it's quite clear: you would use a KeyFinder in
the adapter in order to identify keys and partition events when sending them to the S4 app.
Regards, Matthieu

Thank you

- Davide

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