When I tried to execute the SentenceReceiverPE.java file in (s4/s4-examples/speech01/src/main/java/io/s4/example/speech01) folder with following command:
" javac SentenceReceiverPE.java " I am getting following errors:

import io.s4.processor.AbstractPE;
SentenceReceiverPE.java:7: cannot find symbol
symbol: class AbstractPE
public class SentenceReceiverPE extends AbstractPE {
SentenceReceiverPE.java:9: cannot find symbol
symbol  : class Sentence
location: class io.s4.example.speech01.SentenceReceiverPE
    public void processEvent(Sentence sentence) {
3 errors

What are the things I am missing here? Please help me.

A Surya Prakash Reddy