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From "Banawalikar, Omkar IN BLR SISL" <>
Subject RE: Sending Events outside s4
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 07:40:44 GMT
 I ran my JAVA code through debugger. What I found was; the second process (second Client
Adapter) if connected through port 2335, is waiting indefinitely in driver.init() method.
And if connected through port 2334 is waiting indefinitely in driver.recv() method. For both
the cases the second process is not receiving any events on the streams...

can you tell me how to configure two Client adapters so that, they can both send and receive
events on the multiple streams?? Can they be connected to same port, or same stub (stub is
configured in client-stub-conf.xml)

Omkar Banawalikar

From: Banawalikar, Omkar IN BLR SISL []
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2012 4:41 PM
Subject: RE: Sending Events outside s4

I have checked the code. The StringExample-conf.xml (app xml) is syntactically correct. I
am saying this because the first Client Adapter (this is the process which is using Driver
connected to default port 2334) is receiving events on both the streams. But the second Client
Adapter (This is also a process which is using Driver connected to port 2335. I have added
made changes to the client-stub-conf.xml and added a new Client stub) is not receiving any
events. My first process is using two separate Drivers connected to same port for sending
and receiving events. Second process is using one Driver connected to 2335 for only receiving
the events from S4. I am using the same StringExample-conf.xml for my app. In the StringExample-conf.xml,
I have mentioned that; send both the streams to all the client adapters. But only one Client
adapters is receiving the events.

What could be the problem, as the second process is not receiving any events on the streams??

From: Banawalikar, Omkar IN BLR SISL []
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 7:08 PM
Subject: Sending Events outside s4

My PE is sending all(two) streams from the S4 cluster to the Client Adapters. I have two Client
Adapters processes listening to two different ports. But only the AcknowledgeStream stream
is getting delivered and not the StringCounterStream. Is the below Xml file correct??? Is
the Multidispatcher  correctly for hashChecker bean correctly configured.

<bean id="hashChecker" class="pe.HashCodeMatcherPE">
                                <property name="dispatcher" ref="forkdispatcher2" />
                                <property name="keys">

<!-- added this code -->
                <bean id="forkdispatcher2" class="io.s4.dispatcher.MultiDispatcher">
                                <property name="dispatchers">
                                                                <bean id="selectiveDispatchToAdapter2"
name="dispatcher" ref="dispatcherToClientAdapters" />

Omkar Banawalikar

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