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From Matthieu Morel <>
Subject Re: Performance issue in Yahoo S4
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 16:38:05 GMT

I wonder whether you are sending the same data from the adapter to each 
of the nodes. Can you check that? (You could compare the final word 
counts, between settings with 1 or more nodes).



On 3/21/12 4:38 AM, Jagmohan Chauhan wrote:
>   Hi
> We are working on Yahoo S4 for a project. We are using  a simple
> application where we are reading words from a file , making sentences
> out of it and printing the sentences on the console. We have made two
> PE's for it. The first PE extracts the words thrown by the client
> adapter, looks for the . , which means end of a sentence, forms a
> sentence and sends it to next PE. The second PE takes the sentence and
> prints it on console.   The file size from which our client application
> is reading and feeding input to the adapter is 1 GB.  The first PE's is
> keyless while for second one we performed experiments with same key as
> well as different keys.
> We are finding an unusual issue when we are trying with different
> configuration of nodes.  We are trying to run the application on a
> cluster which has 4 systems.
> We are using 1 system for client adapter and other three as Processing
> nodes.  The issue we are observing is that with increasing number of
> nodes the execution time is increasing for same data set(file).
> Here are some statistics :
> 1 node configuration: Time is 2 min 10 sec
> 2 node configuration : Time is 2 min 30 sec
> 3 node configuration :Time is 2min 40 sec
> We could not  reason about this issue as we thought that with increasing
> nodes we shall get better execution time . Can anyone please shed some
> light on this issue. Is the overhead of disseminating events is so high
> that it does not improve the execution time.
> --
> Thanks and Regards
> Jagmohan Chauhan
> MSc student,CS
> Univ. of Saskatchewan
> IEEE Graduate Student Member
> <>

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