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From Jia Ding <>
Subject How to split a stream
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 15:18:55 GMT
Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner of s4.
Now I've a question about how to split a event stream.
There is a raw event stream, named RawStream.
It contains two different events: event with name "a" and "b".

RawStream looks like:
{"id":100, "name":"a", "value":3}
{"id":200, "name":"b", "value":1}
{"id":100, "name":"a", "value":16}
{"id":100, "name":"a", "value":24}
{"id":200, "name":"b", "value":7}
{"id":100, "name":"a", "value":100}
{"id":200, "name":"b", "value":59}

I want to implement a PE, which can process the RawStream, and separate
it into two streams: StreamA (events with name "a") and StreamB(events with
name "b").

Now the problem is, in the configuration,
one PE can only define one "outputStreamName".
Is it means for one PE, can only output to one stream?
How can it output to two streams?


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