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From Jia Ding <>
Subject questions about dynamic load balancing and nodes on multiple machines
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 11:27:36 GMT
Hi everyone,

these days I came across S4, and the document is very helpful.
But I'm not so clear about the dynamic load-balancing of S4, and
Processing Nodes(PN), Processing Element(PE) running on multiple machines.

I have some questions about these:

1) Can one PN run across multiple machines? e.g. one PN has 10 PEs, is is
to run 5 PEs in machine A and other 5 PEs in machine B?

2) If the question 1's situation is possible, when machine A is busy,
machine B is relative free,
can migrate a PE from machine A to machine B for dynamic load-balancing?

3) In one PN, when a PE is overload, what S4 will do? Does S4 automaticlly
create another
instance of this PE?

4) I've read the document about Zookeeper, and I know that can run S4 in
dymanic mode.
And I also know that S4 can run with multiple nodes and multiple machines.
e.g. there are 3 PNs running on machine A and 1 PNs running on machine B.
When machine A is busy, can man dynamic migrate a PN from machine A to
machine B
for the load-balancing.

5) There is one PN in machine A. machine B has no node.
When this PN is too busy, can it be cloned and put its clone to machine B?

Thank you in advance,

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