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From Matthieu Morel <>
Subject Re: Why CPU usage stays under 90%
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2012 18:21:25 GMT
On 12/25/11 4:23 PM, Kurtt Lin wrote:
> Hello, guys.
> My S4 node is equipped with quad-core X3430 processors. What I noticed
> is that, no matter how fast I send events to the node, the node's CPU
> usage would not exceed 360%, even if the PEContainer.workQueue.size()
> kept growing very fast. My question is, shouldn't the processors spare
> more time to help PEContainer to consume the events? Why are they idle?
> When I slowed down sending the events, I even monitored the CPU usage
> drop to around 240%, and the PEContainer.workQueue.size() still keep
> growing, though in a very low speed.

Could that be related to what your PEs are actually doing? is your 
application I/O bound? Are your PEs sending lots of events?

Also, you could try to profile the JVM to get more information.

Let us know!


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