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From Ernesto Toreli <>
Subject RE: S4 and eclipse
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2011 13:32:41 GMT

Thanks a lot sir,
I will try the twitter example and let you know if I have problems.
Please write me if you manage to run the speech01,02 examples.
Thanks again.
Merry Christmas to you too:D

Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 21:26:21 +0800
Subject: RE: S4 and eclipse

Yep. Wherever you run s4 from, you need to run s4 adapter first.

I did not try speech example, but I will write you back with more details later.

Merry Christmas!
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在 2011-12-24 下午9:20,"Ernesto Toreli" <>写道:

And then what?
You just press run from eclipse? Or do i have to start the adapter and the s4 from the terminal
and then execute from eclipse?
Can you tell me how to do it in the speech01 example, where there is an input file that must
be passed?


Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 21:16:54 +0800
Subject: Re: S4 and eclipse

I have done this in twittercount example.

1. ./gradew eclipse

2. create a project in eclipse (from existing folder)

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在 2011-12-24 下午9:09,"Ernesto Toreli" <>写道:

I am trying to integrate S4 to eclipse.
I followed the instructions given in the documentation page but I do not know how to run an
example from eclipse.
I mean in order to run the speec01 example the s4 script and client adapter are run from the
command prompt and the put the

input in the generator loader..
How do I do that from eclipse?
Can somebody describe the steps on how to run an example inside eclipse and see the output
in its terminal
Merry Christmas
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