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From 戴清灏 <>
Subject RE: S4 and eclipse
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2011 13:26:21 GMT
Yep. Wherever you run s4 from, you need to run s4 adapter first.
I did not try speech example, but I will write you back with more details
Merry Christmas!

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在 2011-12-24 下午9:20,"Ernesto Toreli" <>写道:

>  And then what?
> You just press run from eclipse? Or do i have to start the adapter and the
> s4 from the terminal and then execute from eclipse?
> Can you tell me how to do it in the speech01 example, where there is an
> input file that must be passed?
> Thanks
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> Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 21:16:54 +0800
> Subject: Re: S4 and eclipse
> From:
> To:
> I have done this in twittercount example.
> 1. ./gradew eclipse
> 2. create a project in eclipse (from existing folder)
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> 在 2011-12-24 下午9:09,"Ernesto Toreli" <>写道:
>  Hello,
> I am trying to integrate S4 to eclipse.
> I followed the instructions given in the documentation page but I do not
> know how to run an example from eclipse.
> I mean in order to run the speec01 example the s4 script and client
> adapter are run from the command prompt and the put the
> input in the generator loader..
> How do I do that from eclipse?
> Can somebody describe the steps on how to run an example inside eclipse
> and see the output in its terminal
> Merry Christmas
> Salute

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