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From Matthieu Morel <>
Subject Re: about the benchmark injector and hotspot
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 13:28:06 GMT

On Jun 4, 2013, at 13:09 , baojian Zhou wrote:

> hi all
> i want to do an experiment in the benchmark package and test the
> injector-rate and received-events, but i get the following confuses:
> 1. i test two times in the same parameters, but in each time, the number of
> input events in the injector are different:
> the first: 3324831
> the second: 9808773
> and the two experiments have the same parameters:
> -c=testCluster2 -appName=adapter -zk=node4:2181
> i want to expect that very time the injectors have the same rate and finish
> in definite number of events. can i complete the work and how ?

Note that the rate is not deterministic.

Are you sure you are correctly reading the number of injected events? If you lose events,
that could be due to load shedding (if you configured the platform to use that) or injecting
before the all consumers are ready.

> 2. and i do not very clear about the dequeued csv files, dose it stand for
> the number of the dequeued streams in given time interval. if it is true,
> how can i get the the number of the events in the streams in very given
> time interval ?

The output provides total dequeued events, average over the whole run, and 1, 5, 15 minutes
averages. Please have a look at the metrics documentation for more info.

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