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From Matthieu Morel <>
Subject Re: git commit: fixed gradle warnings + added gradle options - added "s4r" task for creating an s4r archive, instead of using gradle - added "appClass" parameter for directly specifying the application entry point, rather than guessing it by parsing
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 13:59:00 GMT
On 6/11/12 3:52 PM, Shailendra Mishra wrote:
> Hi Mattieu:
> What is the easiest way of adding local library to the "class path" ?
> I just added commons-math through the dependency mechanism in
> packages, which was easy because commons-math is available through the
> maven repository. I would like to add jquantlib jars which is on my
> local hard drive, I can think of a no. of ways to do it, but what
> would be the best. - Shailendra

Currently, you have to update the gradle build file for your project, by 
adding your dependencies.

Let's have a look at the twitter example:

1/ you define libraries as maven artifacts:;a=blob;f=test-apps/twitter-adapter/build.gradle;h=c0f3576a41942dc633f4e2dd833bc02bb8202f36;hb=ab7f020655e83adb0a895c937a6b4331f960a877#l75

2/ you add that to the compile time dependencies:;a=blob;f=test-apps/twitter-adapter/build.gradle;h=c0f3576a41942dc633f4e2dd833bc02bb8202f36;hb=ab7f020655e83adb0a895c937a6b4331f960a877#l94

3/ If you use an IDE like eclipse, you may then do "./gradlew eclipse" 
to update the classpath of the project

Hope this helps,


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