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From "Nan N. Jiang" <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Runtime Isolation for s4?
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 08:42:18 GMT
Hi Flavio and Leo,

We are involving more and more aspects here in this topic.
That will make it more confused.
Let’s keep it sample and focus on my first question: runtime isolation.
After that, we can talk about other aspect.

For Runtime isolation,
One application could kill another is just one example.
Here, if we separate different in different jvms, then the unit of isolation is still application
Actually, it’s possible that one PE could affect other PEs.
For example:
PE A has a lot of traffic, then PE A may trigger Java GC very frequently.
Then other PEs in the same JVM will be affected.
This is only one scenario that one PE will affect other PE.
There should be more because all these PEs are sharing the same env.
So, why won’t we think about to have a PE level isolation?

About the dynamic load balancing suggested by Leo, I think it’s more about how to do the
So this should not satisfy my use case.


On 5/30/12 5:33 AM, "Flavio Junqueira" <> wrote:

Check the excerpt from Nan's message down the thread.The main concern seems to be the consequences
of sharing a jvm. It's unclear to me if load balancing alone would solve all the issues he
is bringing up, although resource utilization seems to be an important issue. It called my
attention the comment about an application killing another in the same jvm, which I'm not
sure we can prevent in a practical manner. I'm particularly concerned about having to react
aggressively and causing instabilities.

Nan, Could you comment, please? if we provide dynamic load balancing as Leo suggests, would
it satisfy your use cases?


On May 29, 2012, at 11:12 PM, Leo Neumeyer wrote:

when starting s4 service, all applications deployed will run in the
same JVM.
This can be a disaster.
Different application will fight for the JVM/hardware resource.
Bad application even could kill other applications.

Yes. Application Isolation could release the pain.
But all applications are still fight for the resource in the same node.
And all the PE in the same Application still fight for JVM resource.

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