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From Matthieu Morel <>
Subject Re: Proposal to Add S4 to the Git Testing Program
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2011 09:39:49 GMT
On 12/2/11 9:50 AM, Flavio Junqueira wrote:
> I have a question with respect to the use of git, and I'm sorry if this
> is naive, but I'm already too used to jira+svn procedure. If we remain
> on git, do we still produce diff patches and upload them to the
> corresponding jiras? I'm basically wondering if we still follow the
> typical jira workflow and keep the patch in the jira.
> -Flavio

Hi Flavio,

We'll surely have to agree on what workflow to follow exactly, if our 
proposal is accepted.

In the meantime, here is how I foresee, with git, the equivalent 
workflow for submitting patches. As you can see, the result is similar 
to the current svn workflow, because in the end, consensus must be reached :

- apache's git repository is the "blessed repository"

- developers work on their own public forks

- we follow an "Integration-Manager Workflow" as described here , "integration managers" being 
developers with commit access.

- svn patches are replaced by pull requests or git patches. (Actually, 
it may have to be a patch file in order to grant rights to the ASF)

- consensus must be reached on pull requests or git patches before they 
get integrated


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