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From Henry Saputra <>
Subject Re: Meeting Minutes
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 22:22:36 GMT
Hi Leo,

Sorry I miss the Skype meeting. Still looking forward to help.

I would like to work on the dynamic application loading.

I am thinking about having consumer API to help registering an app as
ZK client but not sure if this is the direction originally in
Anyone else like would like to work on this?

- Henry

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 9:16 AM, Leo Neumeyer <> wrote:
> Skype Meeting Minutes
> Time: 2011-10-11 8:00 am Pacific Time
> Attendees: Bruce, Matthieu, Karthik, Leo
> * Karthik introduced himself, he is currently doing a PhD at Purdue and is interested
in contributing to the project. He has been working with Hadoop and interested in distributed
stream processing. He will start working on the comm layer, perhaps integrating ZK. Bruce
will help him get started.
> * Matthieu: implemented dynamic dispatching. We need to discuss the processInput() and
processOutput() approach to see what makes sense for the API. Leo will review and report back
and merge.
> * Leo added EventSource to support inter app communication and refactoring comm layer.
Also reorganized project into subprojects: s4-base, s4-core, s4-comm, s4-example.
> * Matthieu and Leo will prototype using Guice for building the app graph by subclassing
the Guice Configuration class and using a builder pattern to create the classes so the application
developer doesn't need to use Guice directly.
> * Bruce: will work on Netty initialization and error recovery.
> * People are planning to deploy v0.3 to production. We should try to accelerate s4-piper
so we can converge and use resources more efficiently.
> * Critical tasks still orphan: dynamic app loading, client adaptor.
> * Admin:
>  * Need to figure out how to use the Apache tool.
>  * Bruce: let us know if  you can do the repo migration this week.
>  * Matthieu will send instructions on how to set up IRC on Adium so it is always on.

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