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From Matthieu Morel <>
Subject Re: Setting App id
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2011 17:44:45 GMT
On Thu Oct 27 22:09:16 2011, Leo Neumeyer wrote:
> We need to decide how to assign unique app ids to loaded apps. App Id 
> is an int.

Is int a requirement or an optimization?

> Here are some thoughts.
> Not needed in local mode.
> Can we deploy the same s4r file for more than one owner or with diff 
> inputs?

Why not? But this also adds the concept of tenancy or ownership to S4 
applications right?
> If yes maybe some manifest properties should be set at deploy time. I 
> think this is a requirement because S4r may have different input 
> streams but otherwise apps can be identical.
> Should the id be set by deployer tool by setting a manifest property?

Not sure the best way is to set a "manifest" property though, since this 
is part of the s4r package. Rather, the platform could compute an id for 
the app, and this id could stay in zookeeper, along with other runtime 
parameters for the application.
We'll probably need a way to get the app id from the owner and app 
characteristics (name...).
> How do we configure event source? By deployer tool or post deployment. 
> We should have all the info before deployment so it might make sense 
> to do it before and wiring is done during init. (if dependencies are 
> not available, the app will fail to start).

Can you give more information about what you define as event source?



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