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From Peter Firmstone <>
Subject Re: TaskManager requirements
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 08:10:03 GMT
Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> I'm getting into writing a new TaskManager, and have a requirements 
> question. I expect I will have more of them as time goes on.
> TaskManager logs and ignores any Throwable from a Task's run method.
> This troubles me for a couple of reasons. Given the rule that an 
> interrupt is issued to each Thread during TaskManager termination, I 
> do not think InterruptedException should be loggable. On the other 
> hand, should we really be going on running, with just a Level.WARNING 
> log message, after a really bad JVM problem?
> Patricia
I was thinking about that recently and thought that it should be 
possible to ask a task it's status.  If it has encountered an error, or 
exception, that could be retrieved, similar to a RunnableFuture.  Like 
you have mentioned, not all exceptions should be caught.  Have a look at 
the comments in JoinManager, there's some interesting comments in there 
that you might find relevant.  If interrupted, it's possible it will be 
run again.



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