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From Patricia Shanahan <>
Subject RE: com.sun.jini.thread lock contention
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2010 14:52:17 GMT
Christopher Dolan wrote:
> Attached is a minimalist initial patch.  I'm not happy that I had to
> store a reference to the thread in the Runnable...  But otherwise I
> wasn't sure how to interrupt it from removeTask() without a separate map
> of TaskThread to Thread.  There's all a null pointer race in this patch
> if you try to remove a task before it's run() method executes.

I am concerned about the null pointer race, and think it may last a 
little bit longer on some multiprocessor systems than is immediately 

The first thing in the life of the new thread that I can see 
establishing a "happens-before" relationship 
from the write to reads of myThread is the end of the first execution of 
the synchronized block in the run method. In a multiprocessor with 
release consistency, the write might not be visible to another thread 
that wins the race for the TaskManager synchronization, even if it has 
already happened on a processor running the new thread.

The race could be removed by having a method:

private void setThread(Thread t){
   myThread = t;

in the Runnable, and having the thread creation code call it immediately 
before starting the thread. At that point, the thread creation code has 
references to both the Thread and the Runnable, and is synchronized on 
the TaskManager object.

Apologies for not writing, testing, and presenting a modified version of 
the patch - I am having problems running qa on my WindowsXP system.


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