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From Dan Creswell <>
Subject Re: shifting up a gear...
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2007 07:08:53 GMT

Jim Hurley wrote:
> We've had a few discussions on potential project plans,
> including:
> <>
> I'd like to get us back to it and get agreement on a short
> term plan to get us accomplishing things and gaining
> momentum as a project. Let's shift it up a gear (or two ;-)).
> As I've said in the past, I think working to get out a first release
> from the project soon would help the Community (by having a
> release available from the project), as well as help us understand
> what it takes to get out a release.  It would be great if we could shoot
> for a late September timeframe for a release.  I also think we need
> to get our project (web) pages updated with some content (so the
> place looks like the lights are on).
> Once we have a good handle on this first release, I think we should
> then focus on another short term release (say, November/December
> timeframe),
> and start discussing what that release should look like (for example,
> which issues to commit to it).
> Following that we have a more difficult and significant discussion to
> have on the future focus and efforts of the River project (more
> 'infrastructure
> work? work on services? other?).  If you'll bear with me, though... I'd
> like
> to wait on diving into that until we get some success and things going
> in the River project.
> I'll follow up immediately with another email detailing some things
> around a first release.
> I'm not trying to force this plan through -- so if someone else would
> lead us through discussing an alternative plan -- please do.
> thanks -Jim

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