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Subject svn commit: r1296165 - /incubator/rave/site/trunk/content/rave/documentation/oauth-consumer.mdtext
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 12:12:08 GMT
Author: jasha
Date: Fri Mar  2 12:12:07 2012
New Revision: 1296165

RAVE-499 Update SQL query for consumer store, remove outdated SQL query for Widget insertion,
add explanation for the consumer store query


Modified: incubator/rave/site/trunk/content/rave/documentation/oauth-consumer.mdtext
--- incubator/rave/site/trunk/content/rave/documentation/oauth-consumer.mdtext (original)
+++ incubator/rave/site/trunk/content/rave/documentation/oauth-consumer.mdtext Fri Mar  2
12:12:07 2012
@@ -28,19 +28,28 @@ Follow [Google's instructions](http://co
 your domain for OAuth Authentication. You will create an OAuth consumer key and secret.
 ## Add the OAuth consumer key and secret to the Rave database
-Until there is a web interface to handle the contents of the database, execute the following
query (use your own values)
+Until there is a web interface to handle the contents of the database, modify and execute
the following query:
-    INSERT INTO oauth_consumer_store(id, gadget_uri, service_name, consumer_key, consumer_secret,
-    VALUES (set(@consumer_store_id_oauth, next value for consumer_store_id_seq),
+    SET @consumer_store_id_oauth = (SELECT seq_count FROM RAVE_SHINDIG_SEQUENCES WHERE seq_name
= 'oauth_consumer_store');
+    INSERT INTO oauth_consumer_store(entity_id, gadget_uri, service_name, consumer_key, consumer_secret,
+    VALUES (@consumer_store_id_oauth,
                                     '', 'google',
-                                    'gadgetConsumer', 'gadgetSecret', 'HMAC-SYMMETRIC');
+                                    'gadgetConsumer', 'gadgetSecret', 'HMAC_SYMMETRIC');
+    UPDATE RAVE_SHINDIG_SEQUENCES SET seq_count = (seq_count + 1) WHERE seq_name = 'oauth_consumer_store';
-## Add your Widget to the Rave database
-Within the Widget Store it is possible to add your own Widget. Self added widgets must be
published first.
+ - gadget_uri: URI where the gadget definition is hosted
+ - service name: this value should match the value of attribute name in element OAuth/Service
in the gadget definition. In this example the service name is google
+ - consumer_key: the consumer key the OAuth consumer (Apache Rave) uses for the authentication
with the OAuth provider
+ - consumer_secret: the shared secret between the OAuth consumer (Apache Rave) and OAuth
+ - key_type: allowed values are "HMAC_SYMMETRIC", "RSA_PRIVATE" and "PLAINTEXT"
+## Add your Widget to the Apache Rave portal
+ - Go to the widget store
+ - Click on "Add new widget"
+ - Enter the required form fields and submit the form
+ - Go to the admin interface (in the demo setup the 'canonical' user has admin privileges)
+ - Find the new widget and change its status from "preview" to "published"
-    INSERT INTO widget (id, title, url, type, widget_status)
-    VALUES(set(@widget_id_oauth, next value for widget_id_seq), 'Google Contacts',
-            '', 'OpenSocial', 'PUBLISHED');
 ## Use the Widget
  - Go to the Widget Store and add the "Google Contacts" gadget.

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