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From "Luciano Resende" <>
Subject Re: the Apache way to do things
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2008 18:56:42 GMT
On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 11:47 AM, Angela Cymbalak <> wrote:
> I have two "Apache way" questions:
> 1.  It appears that within the community no one objects to Apache Blur.  Can
> I put out a [vote] thread on general@ to the effect of:
> We acknowledge that there is some concern over the name PicaGalley.  After
> discussions we have decided on the alternative name Apache Blur.  Please
> vote you opinion below.  Everyone's vote is binding for this vote.
> [ ] +1 Apache PicaGalley
> [ ] +1 Apache Blur
> [ ] 0 Don't care
> [ ] -1 I don't like either name
> The vote is different from all that I have seen due to having two choices
> and I think that anyone on the general list should have a say in it.
> 2.  Right now I have opened a bug within JIRA for Tuscany because of an
> issue combining Tuscany and Jackrabbit.  I think that I have narrowed down
> that the issue is actually within Jackrabbit.
> 2a.  Does JIRA allow you to select 2 distinct products when opening a
> problem?  I didn't want to try it and then upset someone because of question
> 2b.
> 2b.  If yes to 2a, is it akin to cross posting on the mail lists (very bad
> idea) to select both Jackrabbit and Tuscany as the product in question?  At
> the moment I am working the issue but I want to keep JIRA updated correctly.

You can create a new Jackrabbit jira, and link them together...
And, BTW, sorry for the delay... I'll see if I can get to your patch today.

> Thanks for the Apache lesson. :-)
> Angie
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Luciano Resende
Apache Tuscany Committer

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