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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Re: looking for a new name
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 14:46:35 GMT
Hi Angie,

> Should this go to legal discuss to see what the lawyers say?

The lawyers rarely post on legal-discuss. The list is
mostly populated by regular non-lawyer people with an
interest in the legal minefield, like myself. It's not
a place to discuss (non)similarity of names, and I'm
pretty sure that no lawyer would enter the discussion.

> It seems 
> there are a few who are unsure about the name but others who don't see a 
> similarity.  Plus, as Craig mentioned, Pica is a very normal word to use 
> in the line of photo galleries.

Well, the options I see are:

A. enter incubation as PicaGalley and...
A1. try to keep the name and hope that nobody objects
     on graduation
A2. seek a statement from Google that they don't
     object to our usage of the name
A3. change the name later before graduation
B. settle on a new name that doesn't raise any concerns

If you're _really_ attached to PicaGalley, you could
go for A2. But I doubt that you'll get that kind of
statement from Google. A1 is a poor strategy, and
graduation might even be delayed not because of the
name, but because we didn't address the concerns, at
the time when they were raised, in "The Apache Way".
That is by seeking the broadest possible consensus.

It's not like we have an existing OSS project with
many users that would have to learn a new name.
We're starting from scratch, and the preliminary
name has only been used for three weeks internally.
(as "internal" as discussions on public mailing
lists can be :-) So my recommendation clearly is B.

Additional suggestions on general@ by Martijn were
"Snapshot" and "Shutter". Unfortunately, I don't
know a catchy translation for the german word
"Schuhkarton" (shoe box), which in reality is a
much more common place than an album for keeping
physical photographies :-)


>> Pigalle
>>> Phos Librarius
>>> LibraLux
>>> PhosBiblioteka
>>> BiblioPic
>>> PicAndMix
>>> PhoGal
>>> PhoGa
>>> Foga
>>> SnapLib
>>> SnapStore
>>> PicStore
>>> SnapShow
>>> PicShow
>>> PicLib

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