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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject architecture questions
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 13:10:32 GMT
As much fun as setting up resources can be, I was hoping to get my 
hands a bit dirty in the next few days.  The thought occurred to me 
that we have a lot of functionality that we would like to put into 
the gallery.  As I was thinking about this, I feel like I might be 
missing a piece, or else I just need coffee.

There are 2 jpg files at  The first 
is an ultra simple architecture diagram.  The second is just a list 
right now of the JCR schema.   On the architecture diagram there is a 
question mark at the one arrow.  This arrow is currently the way we 
are viewing the repository.  Should the arrow stay?  The second 
question is between the JCR and the interfaces.  It doesn't seem to 
me like there is anything to put there which is seeming wrong.  I 
can't explain why I think it is wrong though which leads me to 
believe it might be right.  It also might be fun and interesting, 
although I don't know if it would work and I haven't read nearly 
enough yet....would it be possible to read/write xml files from the 
sling interface and have tuscany utilize those files?  "Why would you 
do that?" one might ask.  Answer: To take advantage of the different 
protocols that WS can run over.  Basically, you would be making a 
RESTful interface an active interface for the applications it was needed for.

The files for the drawings is also available on the page as an 
OpenDocument Drawing so that others can update it as needed.


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