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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject Re: looking for a new name
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 17:32:24 GMT
It isn't just me, its everyone!   It isn't *my* project.  I am good 
with sticking with PicaGalley and for good measure I can send an 
email to Google asking their thoughts.  I just have to find the right 
people to talk to there.

I agree that several people have raised concerns over the name; 
however, just ask many people have mentioned that they don't see the 
similarity.  As well, even more people have not spoken up over the 
name concern at all.  As well, almost every good alternative we have 
come up with has had a conflict.  We have made a good faith effort 
but have found no reasonable alternative.  If those who have concerns 
would like to help find a new name we can reopen the discussion, but 
for now I would say we are in the clear.


At 01:03 PM 8/11/2008, Roland Weber wrote:
>Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>>>I would associate "Blur" rather with a painting program.
>>Nor would I call a gallery/archive/storage project "blur".
>Good point :-) Rather,...
>Reminiscence (but
>ReminiScene  (looks like poor spelling rather than a pun)
>Imaginary    (but
>Photo Barn   (already in use
>Picture Barn (still too close to Photo Barn)
>Image Barn
>Image Stable (searching for "image stable software" sucks)
>PhotoGarten  ( is not about software)
>...[many more already in use]
>I give up. Angie, if you want to stick with PicaGalley,
>let's just go with that and see how far we get.
>   Roland
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