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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject JCR implementation
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2008 04:06:10 GMT
Its been a few days but I have the extraordinarily basic JCR 
implementation finished.  It just reads a directory and puts the .jpg 
files that it finds in that directory into the JCR.  I can generate 
the list of strings that Luciano's tuscany app needs.  After that, I 
get more unsure.

In the photo-gallery.composite file there is the section:

	<component name="GalleryPictures">
		<t:implementation.resource location="gallery"></t:implementation.resource>

I believe this is the section that tells Tuscany where to actually 
serve the images from.  I believe that this needs to be changed into 
something that more closely resembles the Album component, with an 
actual class definition, in order to get the images out of the JCR 
instead of from the file system.

I'll sleep on it, but if any help magically comes my way overnight 
(even in the form of a pointer to the appropriate Tuscany docs) it 
would be much appreciated.


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