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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Re: Moving towards a proposed vote
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2008 13:04:49 GMT
Hi Angie,

> I haven't seen anything else on the name of the project except from Noel 
> saying he could go with PicaGalley.  In the interest of not polluting 
> the  wiki, I'll leave the page name for the moment in case someone 
> strongly objects to PicaGalley.

If somebody strongly objected, I guess we'd have heard of them
by now. But I see nothing wrong with keeping the wiki page name.
Since you seem to prefer the camelcase name PicaGalley over
Picagalley, you should use that capitalization in the wiki too.
We can either ignore the stale links that the wiki generates,
or you can prefix the name with an exclamation mark to tell
the wiki that !PicaGalley is not a wiki page name.

> Otherwise, I think that we have satisfied all the concerns that were 
> brought to the list and we can call for a vote.

I agree. I'm not sure who should call for the vote.
You, the champion, one of the mentors, or don't care?


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