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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Re: Codebases and Tidbits
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 09:06:14 GMT
Hi Angie,

> I updated the page to address Roland's 
> concerns but I left all of the information there.
> I just organized it a bit.

Great job! It is much better now. I'll dive in
and make some changes in a few minutes.
Here are the non-formatting issues I stumbled
over when reading the latest version (rev 17):

"Initial Goals" - Decide which pieces of code
    can be drawn from existing projects

It gives me a slight discomfort to read about taking
pieces of code as the very first thing, with all the
open design questions following below.
I'll try to rephrase that as "create a prototype".

The user management system will be based on JAAS.

This is plain wrong if "user management" refers to
user management. I'd consider it premature if it
refers to permission checking.
I'll add an open question on how to handle user
management and permission checking. If anybody
objects, feel free to revert that change afterwards.

"Meritocracy" - Every person who is currently part
of the community has code that they have developed
yet are willing to rewrite for the good of the project.

I feel excluded from the community here. Suggestions?

"Orphaned Projects"

> My idea for orphaned projects was: We realize that there is a risk of 
> any project being orphaned.  However, as a community we strive to see 
> the technologies utilized to the best of their ability within this 
> problem space.

I would have gone for something like "We're just starting, there
is a high risk", but that's a matter of personal preference :-)

"Inexperience with Open Source"

On second reading, I understood what you meant. On first
reading, I thought that the community has only one member.

"Relationships with Other Apache Products"

> I know that there are some following this discussion because of the 
> technologies being used and not the problem space or project necessarily.

That should be mentioned in this section. Some of the
existing references are superfluous though. Or should
we really tie ourselves to Tomcat instead of writing
something that runs in any Servlet/JSP container?

> Roland also mentioned the Roller discussions.  There was some discussion 
> with the Roller folks.  There are a couple who are interested in having 
> a plugin for Roller to a photo gallery but a language consensus couldn't 
> be reached.

I found this thread, where you said AJAX and somebody
else mentioned JavaScript - is that what you meant?

Since there were discussions with Roller, we should
mention that in the proposal, and also explain why
we're not asking Roller to become the sponsor.


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