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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Codebases and Tidbits
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 11:25:38 GMT
Hi folks,

I've scanned my emails and this is my current
understanding of the bits and pieces. I did not
scan public archives. Angie mentioned discussions
with the Roller folks, I didn't follow those.
Please correct me where I am wrong, and add
missing details if you happen to know them.

Codebase 1a, 1b (Angie) [1,2]
The "Background" section of the proposal mentions
software written by Angie for fee at Nechtan Design.
In May, Angie set up a website with a rapid prototype
for photo gallery software. This site also uses
the name Caitrin.
Are these two different codebases? If so, will both
be available to start with? Even if the new podling
starts from scratch, a donation of the original code
Angie developed would be good to avoid "IP pollution".
Java, Tomcat, relational DB backend.
Integration with Roller suggested,
but currently no dependency.

Codebase 2 (Noel) [3]
Code in production use.
No technical details.

Codebase 3 (Carsten) [4]
Sling frontend, JCR backend
Code not ready to be shared yet.

Codebase 4 (Luciano) [5]
Tuscany, file-based backend.
Prototype available.

Tidbits mentioned during the discussion were
a Cocoon block for image resizing [6] and
Sanselan [7] for metadata extraction and maybe more.

And now, for people like me who are not familiar
with everything that goes on at Apache, a summary
of the projects mentioned :-)

Jackrabbit - Java Content Repository
Standard API for content repository, supports versioning.
Backend adapters can map to file system, DB,...

Tomcat - Servlet & JSP Container

Roller - Blog server

Tuscany - infrastructure for Service Oriented Architecture

Sling - framework for web apps with JCR backend

Sanselan - image manipulation library

Allright, with all these puzzle pieces, I can see
a picture forming :-) Let me sleep over it...



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