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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject Re: Moving towards a proposed vote
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2008 14:34:13 GMT
OK the Policy says we need to take a vote to see if we want to be a 
part of the incubator.. :-)

After that it doesn't explicitly say, but it reads as though the 
Champion is supposed to call for the vote:

  - be nominated for incubation by a member of the Apache Software 
Champion");  [1]

However, first we have to post the proposal to the general@ list for 
discussion [2] so I will do that now.


At 09:04 AM 7/20/2008, Roland Weber wrote:
>Hi Angie,
>>I haven't seen anything else on the name of the project except from 
>>Noel saying he could go with PicaGalley.  In the interest of not 
>>polluting the  wiki, I'll leave the page name for the moment in 
>>case someone strongly objects to PicaGalley.
>If somebody strongly objected, I guess we'd have heard of them
>by now. But I see nothing wrong with keeping the wiki page name.
>Since you seem to prefer the camelcase name PicaGalley over
>Picagalley, you should use that capitalization in the wiki too.
>We can either ignore the stale links that the wiki generates,
>or you can prefix the name with an exclamation mark to tell
>the wiki that !PicaGalley is not a wiki page name.
>>Otherwise, I think that we have satisfied all the concerns that 
>>were brought to the list and we can call for a vote.
>I agree. I'm not sure who should call for the vote.
>You, the champion, one of the mentors, or don't care?
>   Roland
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