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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject updates to proposal (was: Codebases and Tidbits and Moving towards a proposed vote)
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 12:03:49 GMT
This makes for a long email now, combining the two threads but it may 
be easier to read.

>Regarding the proposal, I have made some updates.

Thanks for making the updates!

>But I'm still not happy with the sections on
>"Initial Goals"/"High Level Design" and "Relationships
>with Other Apache Products".  This has to do with all
>the open design questions in the proposal. It is important
>to document such questions and the decisions, but that
>does not belong into the proposal. [...]

I can go either way.  As long as they are documented somewhere.  I 
think the reason that they ended up there is that we currently don't 
have anywhere else to document them.  Does anyone else have an opinion?

>2. Define a roadmap for the "Inital Goals" section: [...]

Not sure how to word that well.  It could be the fever talking...

>3. Update the "Relationships" section:
>The reason why I'm not jumping ahead with this is
>that I am not sure yet whether my understanding of
>the high level design is the current consensus.

I think that your understanding is my understanding.  It is what 
Luciano has been coding toward, I think, and what Noel and I have 
discussed.  I used what you had to update the Wiki page.  I didn't 
mention the middleware components.  I wasn't sure when I was first 
writing the proposal what that section was really supposed to be so I 
just listed everything.

>Initial committers should list themselves. [...]

Thanks for clarifying.  Please list yourselves!

>"Meritocracy" - Every person who is currently part
>of the community has code that they have developed
>yet are willing to rewrite for the good of the project.
>I feel excluded from the community here. Suggestions?

Didn't mean to exclude you from the community!  I changed it to 
include architectural direction as well.

>"Orphaned Projects"
>I would have gone for something like "We're just starting, there
>is a high risk", but that's a matter of personal preference :-)

I guess blatant honesty is best sometimes. :-)  Done.

>"Relationships with Other Apache Products"
>>I know that there are some following this discussion because of the 
>>technologies being used and not the problem space or project necessarily.
>That should be mentioned in this section. Some of the
>existing references are superfluous though. Or should
>we really tie ourselves to Tomcat instead of writing
>something that runs in any Servlet/JSP container?

Done and no.

>I found this thread, where you said AJAX and somebody
>else mentioned JavaScript - is that what you meant?
>Since there were discussions with Roller, we should
>mention that in the proposal, and also explain why
>we're not asking Roller to become the sponsor.

There was also 
where the entire discussion just dropped.  Not my best display of perseverance.

I did make mention of the Roller discussions when I updated the 
proposal but didn't include the links.

Does anyone else have suggestions?  Feel free to update the proposal!


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