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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject RE: photo gallery architecture
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 16:25:56 GMT

photographer was supposed to be in that list, not looking like a 
title after my name.

I know what you mean about create date.  I call it create date but 
maybe we just want to have a few flexible date fields that can be utilized?

I think that we want to store two images the original and the 
thumbnail.  But, then it is possible to add code that will allow you 
to derive the additional sizes in between.  I used a package called 
ImageInfo as part of Caitrin.  It is some open source code that I 
found.  I used it to even get the thumbnail sizing.

Of course, we could add an EXIF reader to collect the metadata the 
camera adds to the photo.  It would be much easier on the end user 
than having to manually add all of it.

I would think we would want a fairly exhaustive list of possible 
things that people would want to keep in addition to the 
photograph.  That way we minimize the number of changes to the 
repository we may have to make in the future to accommodate all the data.


At 10:35 PM 7/3/2008, you wrote:

>On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 7:13 PM, Angela Cymbalak 
><<> > wrote:
>It appears that we are set on JCR and then maybe Sling and 
>Tuscany.  The RESTful interface is going to be best for direct 
>viewing of the photo gallery and then the WS interface will be 
>available for whatever anyone wants to use it for (process type 
>transactions probably).  What is the design of the JCR repository 
>going to be?  What information needs to be collected for each photo?
>my quick suggestions:
>create date
>Depends on how much you want to take on, really. Most digital 
>cameras, and especially DSLRs, provide a whole slew of metadata in 
>addition to the image(s). That might be important information for 
>some people, although for others it would be irrelevant.
>Also, some of the attributes mentioned above are not always as 
>obvious as they might seem. For example, what does 'create date' 
>mean? The date the original photo was shot, the date it was last 
>edited, or the date it was added to the content repository? Are two 
>image sizes (original and thumbnail) sufficient, or would you want 
>other sizes in between?
>Just some more food for thought.
>Martin Cooper

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