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From Doug Davis <>
Subject new webconf project
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 22:40:38 GMT
  I've developed a browser based chat program, similar to IRC, and I'm 
wondering if there would be any interest in it becoming a new Apache 
project.  You can play with it by going to:    The tool is being used by a 
number of working groups/technical committees to hold back-channel chats 
during conference calls.  While there isn't anything earth shattering 
about it, people do seem to like it because it.  The key features it 
provides are:
 - working in most browsers w/o applets or special downloads
 - as such it doesn't have firewall issues (unlike some other chat 
 - if you get dropped and rejoin you still see the messages sent while you 
were gone
 - manages a queue - handy for managing the queue of speakers during the 
conf call - people can add/remove themselves w/o interrupting the call
 - provides a simple voting mechanism for those in the chat
 - supports private chats with room members
 - very small footprint - right now just one JSP plus a couple of gifs and 
wav files

Anyway, like I said its not rocket science but it does appear to have 
filled a need for some groups.  Personally, I'd like to so that it can 
grow beyond what my limited time (and knowledge) I can devote to it and so 
that people can use it without worrying about any IP rules (like perhaps 
even on Apache itself).  If it stays with me (or I should say IBM) people 
may not feel as comfortable hosting it themselves.  But, if there's 
interest in making it an Apache project then once I go thru all of the 
legal paperwork within IBM to contribute it then it should be free for all 
to use.   I would obviously contrinue to work on it but am hoping that 
with the help of others it can support all (not just 'most') browsers and 
even start to include some more interesting features.  While I've gotten 
my immediate manager's approval for this, before I go thru the immense 
headache of actually dealing with lawyers I'd like to know if there's 
interest from the Apache side. 


Doug Davis

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