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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI] Some CVS work
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 23:59:56 GMT
OK, I've upgraded BCEL to latest release (back compat) and mavenised as 
opposed to copy in lib/

commons-attributes needs to have an updated version 
(commons-attributes-2.0alpha.jar - does it still need commons logging ?)

All other jar dependencies need to be checked against latest release.

Docs need to be looked at.

API docs tool

Post release ..

1) Obsolete BCEL and Javac proxy generators for groovy one,
2) implement XStream transport. XStream needs a bump as it cannont do 
repeated serializtions/deserializations per stream.
3) review callback code
4) Tests need to be refactored.
5) Client-impl and server-impl needs to have its own tests (integration 
cannot just be it)

- Paul

>I saw your e-mail here, but I didn't notice any responses.  Can you tell me
>the current status of the AltRMI community?
>	--- Noel
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Paul Hammant []
>Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 19:52
>Subject: [AltRMI] Some CVS work
>I've moved the src directory to legacy/src and deleted the ant and
>forrest files from the root.
>There are still some Java files in the legacy/src/java dir. This is
>because there some things from the old that have not arrived in the new
>mavenized structure. Some (if not most) of these were too experimental
>and marginal to be considered releasable.
>Open Questions beffore 1.0 label...
>1) How do we mark the callback facility as "in need of rewrite and very
>experimental".  Vinay and I chatted about 'deprecated'
>2) Proxy generators.  Move on from BCEL ? Goovy good for this purpose?
>Or maybe not because a generated class on the server side may be too
>Goovy entangled to be serialized and sent to the client side.  - We need
>to look and see if this is the case.
>3) Is the test coverage high enough?
>4) Have we proven the throughput or saturation tested the beast enough?
>5) Has anything been left out in the move to Maven from Ant that is
>really needed now?
>- Paul

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