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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [altrmi] Status
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 23:47:26 GMT
J Aaron,

>>Yes it is still going.  Many people have asked for a 1.0 release, whci I 
>>think must be overdue now.
>>- PAul
>That would be awesome!  :-)
>Couple of questions:
>  - is JIRA up to date?  Is this all that needs to be done?
No it is not really.

>  - what about incubator graduation?  And to where?
>I can't promise to help on much, but I could work on documentation and the site.
Well it is too early to talk about graduation.  I've been sidetracked on 
PicoContainer at Codehaus as you know, but can make time for AltRMI 
again now.

Vinay and I moved it to Maven some months ago, and dropped some of  the 
obscure transports. We also lost some of the tests (whic were working 
fine). We need to be diligent and examine all of the old /src dir to see 
what has been moved to the broken out maven projects and what has not.

 From that set of classes, some may go forever, some should move to 
(say) sourceforge as they truly are obscure, and some (the tests 
particularly) should  go to  appropriate places.

Now, the old (Ant) design used to run a lot of integration tests (well 
AltRMI is client/server). We need to shift more to unit tests. 
Integration is far harder now, in that there are separate jars. It may 
be best to have am /integration maven project that runs the tests in 
question and ships no jar to maven repositories. 

There is an issues where the callback logic needs an overhaul (it is 
cumbersome to generate stubs/proxies for them), but that could be left 
to AltRMI 2.x

Lastly, we have a dozen more ways to generate the proxies now. AST 
springs to mind. 

Clearly, remounting the integration tests is the most important thing.



- Paul

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