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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI] Callbacks and Direct transports
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 07:42:15 GMT

>>Ooops :-)
>No problem. But should we thus delete direct+callbacks
>and place it in the transport/ folder.?
>>How would you add the classes back to
>>altrmi-client-impl and 
>>altrmi-server-impl respectively ?  Some Jelly magic
>We wont. 
>We would be creating
>altrmi-transport-direct-client.jar and
Well herin lies the root of our problem.

I agree that your way is cleaner regarding dependancies, but my way is 
better regarding numbers of jars (and gives us back the original design).

ClassFoo is a bit messy, but I bet I can make a better (clean) design 
for the instantiation and delete ClassFoo.

>These two modules ,direct/client+direct/server, will
>in turn depend on client-* and server-* as deemed
>neccessary and would be triggered by the maven build.
>(all we have to do is put these in the existing
>in the root level,and alls taken care of).
>The integration tests for these two would reside
>the common integrationtests/ module.
>So finally :-
>#1 Do we delete your direct+callback checkins and move
>it over to direct+callback folders? 
>#2 BTW Is it fine to include a examples/ module?
I'm not sure we should be so hasty dude, after all I have it all 
compiling... (just that one bug)

>>I'm still trying to debug it (from time to time).
>>I know it is something to do with the
>Yup!..It always is a jugglery of writers+readers.
- Paul

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