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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI] Callbacks and Direct transports
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 07:24:53 GMT

>IMHO direct and callback transports ought to go into
>the transports project. 
>I had placeholders for the same.
>Check out the incubator-altrmi/transports/.
>Infact I have both the direct as well as the callback
>transports (with the failing testcase) prepared
>locally & was going to check that into the transports/
>sub-project over the weekend.
Ooops :-)

>Morevoer its much cleaner to place it within 
>transports/ module  since that removes sub-proj
>dependency issues too along with separate jars for 
>these transports and thus much cleaner (accord' to
>What do you folks think about it ?
How would you add the classes back to altrmi-client-impl and 
altrmi-server-impl respectively ?  Some Jelly magic ?

>Moreover I intend to create a examples/ sub-project to
>get basic examples going for all of the features that
>we are providing. (Have started simple callback
>example which I shall try to get to work and in the
>process fix the callback transport,unless someone else
>gets it 
>much before me).
I'm still trying to debug it (from time to time).

I know it is something to do with the readwriters....

- Paul

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