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From Vinay Chandran <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI]HostContext
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 04:21:18 GMT
> class extends
> AbstractHostContext which is declared in
> org.apache.altrmi.client.
> Shouldn't HostContext and AbstractHostContext be
> moved to
> org.apache.altrmi.common?  Just curious.  
Callbacks are peculiar in that respect.
Callback Servers have a client aspect to make calls
back to the clients who passed their remote ref, and
callback clients have a embedded server(direct) to 
publish its ref. so calls back from the server.
Thus , u will find crossing features(server/client)in
case of callbacks.

> And in
> case your wondering I'm
> extending HostContext slightly to include a String
> getHostName() command.
> Also, should getHostName on the Direct*HostContexts
> resolve to "localhost"
> always?  What do you guys think?
Dont you think we shud be short-circuiting these when


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