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From "Peter Klotz" <>
Subject Re: Altrmi: additional facades not working
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 09:38:18 GMT
Hi Paul,

>>First interesting a method
>>  SIMONConnection SIMONDataSource::connect(String user, String passwd)
>>is called that works!
>>The second method in the interface is also simple but does not work:
>>  SIMONMessageGroup[] SIMONDataSource::getMessageGroups()
> Hmm, the order looks a good bet.
> I have put another debugging line in for the NPE. (ServerMonitor
> called). See if it sheds more light (AltRMI 0.9.3)
> - Paul
Unfortunately I have no access to CVS from here at the moment (behind
firewall) so I cant get the 0.9.3 bits until this evening.

But I found something out in addition. It is definitely related to the
return value. Because the method (getMessageGroups()) is being called.
When the result is null or empty it works!
Only when there is really a result that is a object that implements
SIMONMessageGroup is returned it fails as reported.
The only problematic thing I see with the implementing class is that it
declares to throw additional exceptions that are not in the additional
facades. But exceptions are no interfaces so the question how to deal with
the exception classes? Add all exception classes (implementations) to the
additional facades? I mean can one create interfaces for exception
Note that the exception is not thrown in this case it just is declared.
So I tried to add the exception decleared in methods of SIMONMessageGroup 
to the additional facades but no change in behaviour.


Regards, Peter

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