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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI] JMS transports....
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 12:46:49 GMT
 From: "Paul Hammant" <>
> Folks,
> Well in a pairing session with Mauro Talevi (smart fellow) at
> Thoughtworks London office also with James Strachan guiding us (when we
> could winkle him an adjacent chat-fest and pry him from a glass of wine
> ;-), we started work on a JMS using transport for AltRMI.  We're using
> James' "Messenger" jar from  Commons and it has a lot of dependencies
> but all is look OK so far.

BTW really Messenger just depends on commons-logging and the JMS API -
though its currently using Digester to parse the XML configuration files
with JMS configuration information (which then brings in commons-beanutils
and commons-collections).

If you don't mind using some other mechanism to construct & register
Messenger instances you could always miss this bit out. It'd be easy to
refactor the build to create a smaller jar with less dependencies if thats
an issue.

> OK, in that we are doing this according to test driven development (TDD)
> and have only written the tests. Thus failing tests have been booked in.
>    They will only affect people that have put jms-1.0.2b.jar in
> /lib/optional/jms/.  That and /lib/optional/jms/spiritwave-5.3-b47.jar
> (commercial) - neither of which will be booked into CVS of course.
> In the next few days I'll put up an implementation that makes the tests
> pass (the beauty of TDD).  Unless Mauro beats me to it with a patch!
> Before you all get excited. This is synchronous AltRMI rather than the
> fabled async (publisher/subscriberS) which will come later.



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