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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Running HTML Unitas part of integration tests
Date Mon, 10 May 2010 17:47:42 GMT
I have automated the running of the integration tests from Suho using
cargo. The automation uses a existing tomcat deployment that is
identified by the CATALINA_HOME environment variable, and then run via
mvn -Pintegration.

What it does today :
   Identify the existing tomcat deployment, deploy the photark webapp,
and run the HTML Unit tests...

What is not working as I want:
   When we manually start tomcat, and deploy the photark application,
it properly consider the tomcat installation folder as the root, and
create the content repository in the right place, but when the tomcat
is started via maven/cargo, it's considering the directory where you
started the build as the root and using that directory to create the
content repository. I'm still looking at this, and will try to get a
solution/workaround soon... others, feel free to help if you know a
solution from top of your head.

Luciano Resende

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