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From Suhothayan Sriskandarajah <>
Subject Re: gsoc project discussions
Date Sun, 21 Mar 2010 17:05:00 GMT

i'm now in the process of writing my proposal for gsoc. for the moment
I'm only adding the things that i have documented[1].

i also wanted to do a project that will benefit the community. So
please do give your ideas about the project like,

1 what other things that i can add to the project
2 the depth of the project
3 and what else should i include in my proposal regarding this project.


thank you for all your assistance,


On 21 March 2010 00:22, Suhothayan Sriskandarajah <> wrote:
> hi
> I think all of you might be quite busy with the release... all the best!
> if you have any other issues or bugs please let me know I'll try to
> give my best contribution.
> Since I'm quite new to PhotArk I'm now in the process of going through
> the code base and familiarizing it.
> if you do have time, please be kind enough to give your ideas for gsoc 2010.
> when i was going through the mail archive i too found that last time
> (2009) students were unfortunate and non of the PhotArk proposals were
> accepted. I think this may have been caused by the poor preparation
> and understanding of the students.
> Since the student application period starts on 29th march I think we
> should have a solid project plan before that.Therefore I thought of
> starting on the projects quit early.
> presently I'm working on the openID integration and after several
> discussions with Avdhesh Yadev.
> I have written a use-case diagram and scenario for the openID
> integration project[1]. The url[2]
> Please review them and if any changes or improvements need, please
> discuss them in the mailing list so that I may find it easy to update
> the documentation according to your conclusions.
> I also welcome the other projects
> Provide support for subscribing to Flickr albums (ATOM Feed based)[2]
> Provide support for subscribing to Google Picasa albums (GData based)[3]
> anyway I can't do all 3. But I'm also willing to take the challenge.
> If any important thing is there to be done before openId integration
> I'm willing to take up those parts and add them to the project and
> adjust the project according to that.
> I'm saying this because Apache is expecting the following things in
> the proposal, which contains deliverables, quantifiable results for
> the Apache community, a detailed description / design document, an
> approach, an approximate schedule and something of a background text.
> where “quantifiable results for the Apache community” is one of them
> which I believe whatever I do should benefit the project and community
> in great scale.
> please give your views regarding the project so that I can write a
> good proposal to gsoc.
> I too kindly request all of you to support me in successfully
> finishing this project.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> Thanking you
> Suho

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