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From "Conrad Beckert" <>
Subject Re: installation question
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 21:11:33 GMT
> How do I know which of the values (e.g. path to imagemagick) were correct and which need
to be fixed,<

It's quite easy to find out where a Linux programm is installed. For instance - to find out
where pdf2swf is - type

$which pdf2swf

Image Magick is not such a good example because the executable is convert. 
So to find out the path for ImageMagick type:

$which convert

If you don't know exactly the name you can search with 

$locate convert

which lists all the files containing convert - not only the exes.

Hope that helps


PS: Rerunning the config is always a good idea until everyhing works.

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