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From Vieri <>
Subject control resource usage on calandar event and room creation
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 18:58:01 GMT

I'm trying to setup OM in a way as to control overall usage and avoid excesses.

Simple scenario: I want users to be able to login and create any type of conference rooms
and events via calendar. However, I'd like OM to run some checks right before creating a new
room and before creating a calendar event. 

For example, right before a user tries to create a new room via web UI I'd like OM to count
the number of rooms in total (something like SELECT COUNT(id) FROM rooms...) and if there
are more than an admin-defined maximum, deny its creation and notify the user. How could I
perform this simple check?

Another example would be that whenever a user creates a calendar event for, say, a 25-particpants
conference for Jan. 28th 2013 from 8am to 11am then OM should check and count how many other
events are programmed for that day and hour span. For example, if there are other 3 conferences
with max 25 participants programmed for 01/28/2013, one from 9am to 10am, another from 10am
to 10:30am and another from 8am to 9am and if the admin-defined "max number of participants
at a time" is, say, 75 then OM should deny the creation of the calendar event (or any other
conference for that time span, even via SOAP requests).

I'd like to have this feature in order to control resource consumption as in CPU and network

Is this already possible? How?
If not, could you give me any clues as to how and where to start hacking the source code?



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